Fw 190A-5 cockpit

Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 Fw 190A-5 cockpit for Eduard kit




Fw 190 A-5 - The A-5 was developed after it was determined that the Fw 190 could easily carry more ordnance. The D-2 engine was moved forward another 15 cm (6 in) as had been tried out earlier on the service test A-3/U1 aircraft, moving the centre of gravity forward to allow more weight to be carried aft.
Fw 190 A-5/U2 - The A-5/U2 was designed as a night Jabo-Rei and featured anti-reflective fittings and exhaust flame dampers. A centre-line ETC 501 rack typically held a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb, and wing-mounted racks mounted 300 L drop tanks. A EK16 gun camera, as well as landing lights, were fitted to the wing leading edge. The U2 was armed with only two 20 mm MG 151 cannon.



Here we have in our hands the cockpit upgrade set, from the BRASSIN series by Eduard, designed for  their brand new Fw 190A-5  in the 1/48 scale..So let's take a closer look.
The kit comes  in the usual  black colored card box with a  CAD image of the model. As we open the box we see four small clear bags containing the 21 resin parts, and another one with a prepainted  P.E fret carrying 24 parts ,a clear film for the gun sight's crystals and a small decal sheet for the instrument dials . The instructions sheet is printed in  two A4 size pages explaining all the necessary steps for the assembly.


The resin parts are casted superbly with crispy clear, tiny details with no air bubbles, or flash .Everything you can expect is there!.. So we have two options for the instrument panel, one in resin with the instruments dials in decal and another one in resin and painted p.e parts ( dials and bezels ). For the gun sight we have the early installation with the ReviC/12D.




Moving along, the cockpit tab comes in one piece. There we have the side consoles with various control levers, knobs and signal lights the two bulkheads covering the pilot’s seat sliding rails ,details of the rudder pedals and control stick  mechanisms . The KG13A control stick is also excellent, with the wiring and the firing buttons  clearly casted. Below we can clearly see the level of the details.





The composite made pilot seat, which was originally constructed out of a duralumin pan riveted on a thick 8mm steel plated back, is also represented beautifully with proper thickness ,rivets and the sliding rollers. The seat when  put in place it slides down the guiding channel 's like in the real thing!



A small missing detail though is the oval opening in the vertical fillet of the pan ..which is present in the plastic kit’s part..?..Still this is something that can easily be fixed, or covered with the beautiful cushion that is given in the set. The resemblance to the real one is more than obvious.


- Instruction Sheet -



This new BRASSIN cockpit  is one of the few upgrade sets from  Eduard  for their brand new Fw 190A-4 In the 1/48 scale. This resin set is excellent in every aspect and will take the cockpit area of your model in a brand new level .
Highly recommended!