Fw 190A-5 light fighter

Eduard 1/48 Fw 190A-5 light fighter ProfiPACK





Fw 190 A-5 - The A-5 was developed after it was determined that the Fw 190 could easily carry more ordnance. The D-2 engine was moved forward another 15 cm (6 in) as had been tried out earlier on the service test A-3/U1 aircraft, moving the centre of gravity forward to allow more weight to be carried aft.
Fw 190 A-5/U2 - The A-5/U2 was designed as a night Jabo-Rei and featured anti-reflective fittings and exhaust flame dampers. A centre-line ETC 501 rack typically held a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb, and wing-mounted racks mounted 300 L drop tanks. A EK16 gun camera, as well as landing lights, were fitted to the wing leading edge. The U2 was armed with only two 20 mm MG 151 cannon.



Eduard continues to enhance   their new line of   Fw 190’s with the release of the A-5 variant. The kit as a profiPACK edition comes in the usual orange-white box which in this case sports a wonderful illustration of  Maj. Josef Priller’s  Fw 190A-5 belonging to the JG 26 , attacking  a  B-17 formation. This  kit contains nearly 200 parts in grey plastic and 10 clear plastic parts, plus a colour photo-etched fret, canopy and wheel masks, markings for five nicely varied aircraft plus stencil decals. However, it is important to note that the total grey plastic parts actually used is only 111, as we also have in this case mostly  the frets from the initial A-4 boxing, so you will have plenty of fodder for your spares box.


From a first look we can see the same level of surface detail as with the spitfire and Bf 109G series. Very crisp and fine panel lines along with subtle rivet lines .Both are covering the pattern applied  on the full sized aircraft. Also fabric covered control surfaces  with  strip detail  are beautifully presented.




In the cockpit area the level of detail is also very nice with a combination of crisply molded  plastic parts and P.E enhancements ,like the multi-layered instrument panel, levers, fuse boxes and seat harness where they raised even more the realism ,with the addition of half tones and shadows.


The fuselage is mouled in two full-length halfs which also  include moulded the tail fin and the engine cowls (side and lower) with only the pressed gun troughs in a separate part. These parts are new and represent perfectly the new features of the fuselage for this variant, like the extension aft to the power plan (by 15cm in the real aircraft), new radio compartment access door and other smaller details.



The wings are molded in three pieces , one for the lower part and two more for the upper .These set of wings represent the “lighter” version of the fighter with only the inboard cannon installation.Also in this case all access panels are molded to the main wing ,so there is no need to glue any extra part.




Two versions of the early flat canopy are included - one representing and open canopy and the other closed.


Instructions are supplied in a 16 page A-4 size colour booklet, with a detailed history on the front page followed by a parts list, construction steps, and full-colour marking guides for each of the five subjects, each with a four-view illustration, and finally a stencil placement guide. 
Also for the A-5 variant Eduard has release the OVERTREES packaging, which contains all the plastic parts of the kit without any P.E ,markings or instructions booklet. With this edition the modelller can built more than one aircraft of this variant taking advantage of the big decal sheet of the richer edition of any aftermarket decals, in a very affordable price.



The kit finally offers two decal sheets printed by Eduard .One for the general aircraft stencils and the other one for the national markings ,numbers and emblems.The print looks exellent with clear edges and correct color redering.




Fw 190A-5 - flown by Oblt. Rolf Strohal, Stab I./JG 1, Deelen, the Netherlands, April 1943


Fw 190A-5 - W. Nr. 0152 594, flown by Maj. Hermann Graf, CO of JGr. Ost, Toulouse – Blagnac, France, April 1943


Fw 190A-5 - W. Nr. 0157 298, flown by Maj. Josef Priller, CO of JG 26, Lille - Vendeville, France, May 1943


Fw 190A-5 - W. Nr. 538, 6./Schl.G 1 , Deblin - Irena , Poland , January 1943


Fw 190A-5 - W. Nr. 1501, Oblt. Walter Nowotny, CO of 1./ JG 54, Orel, Soviet Union, Summer 1943

- Instruction Sheet -



A brand new tool of the Fw 190A-5 that shares nothing with the previous Wurger series. It’s accurate with excellent surface details easy to built, accompanied by p.e parts ,painting masks for the canopy and wheels and five interesting marking options...
Very highly recommended!!!

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