Heinkel He 280

Eduard 1/48 Heinkel He 280





The Heinkel company began the He 280 project on its own initiative after the He 178 had been met with indifference from the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (German, Reich Aviation Ministry, RLM). The head designer was Robert Lusser, who began the project under the designation He 180 in late 1939. It had a typical Heinkel fighter fuselage, elliptically-shaped wings and a dihedralled tailplane with twin fins and rudders. The landing gear was of the retractable tricycle type with very little ground clearance.This arrangement was considered too frail for the grass or dirt airfields of the era; however, the tricycle layout eventually gained acceptance. The He 280 was equipped with a compressed-air powered ejection seat, the first aircraft to carry one and the first aircraft to successfully employ one in an emergency.





Eduard first  released this 1/48 scale kit of the He 280 back in 1999 and it was really one of their first models that closed the gap between limited run and mainstream

injection moulded kits. Also back then it was boxed as a ProfiPACK. It carried 87 parts in colored plastic ,two canopies in clear plastic (open and closed version), four parts

in resin (weighted wheels and ejection seat) ,one unpainted p.e. fret with details for the cockpit and a small weight for the nose area to prevent the model from tipping

back onto its tail when it is finished.



In the current release now  Eduard is offering the kit  also as a ProfiPACK with the same plastic parts  also providing the choice of either HeS 8a or Jumo 004 engines, the two canopy options – open or closed – and p.e. parts for the cockpit area, but this time pre-painted. No resin parts are included this time.




Although the moulds counts many years all of the parts are totally clear of flash and  the recessed detail is still crisp and fine. The construction is easy and trouble free although there are not much pin locks for the pieces to get them align.


The clear parts are also excellent with zero distortion Sims or fogging.


Finally the pre-painted p.e. parts will give the extra boost in the cockpit area will minimum effort.



As for the marking options you can choose between three prototype planes of both engine configurations .The decal sheet is printed by Eduard .




He 280 V2, GJ+CA, March 1943


He 280 V3, GJ+CB, July 1942


He 280 V8, NU+EC, July 1943

- Instruction Sheet -


This is for sure a very welcome re release by Eduard as this is the only model of this iconic jet plane prototype in this scale. Despite the fact it was first released 19 years ago it remains a great kit and fun to built. Also don’t forget  you have the chance to construct more than one prototype in an affordable price by buying the Overtree version of this kit. 
Highly recommended

We thank the Eduard company for providing us this review sample. For direct purchase please refer to the following link.

Link for Eduard 1/48 Heinkel He 280