Fw 190A-4 engine & fuselage guns

Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 Fw 190A-4 engine & fuselage guns for Eduard kit




The Focke Wulf Fw-190 is probably one of the most modeled aircraft in any scale, mainly because it was such an excellent design and was produced in very large numbers during World War II. Although sources vary as to the number produced, slightly fewer that 1,000 of the A-4 type appear to have been manufactured during 1942 to replace the A-3, and subsequently being supplanted by the improved Fw-190A-5. Constantly upgraded during the war, the type held on until the final days, both as a fighter and as a ground support and reconnaissance aircraft. Most serious modelers are familiar with the type and its history, so I'll refer you to other sources. There is certainly no lack of information on this aircraft, both in publication form and on the internet.



As we already mentioned in the recent review of the new Fw 190A-4  in the 1/48 scale by Eduard  (review of the kit here) is that there is no more an engine or guns included in the injection kit and that all of these details are going to be released in the form of resin complimentary kits. So today we are going to take a look in the most anticipated resin  kit of this BRASSIN series,  The engine and fuselage guns package


The kit comes  in the usual  black colored card box with a  CAD image of the model. As we open the box we see three small clear bags containing the 32 grey resin parts, and another one with two P.E frets carrying 21 parts The instructions sheet is printed in  two A4 size pages explaining all the necessary steps for the assembly.
Now lets take a closer look at the contents of these bags. First of we have the parts for the engine block and mount. First of all What I have to mention here is that Eduard has taken the engineering in another new high level here! And why is that said? Well the have managed to breakdown the BMW 801D engine in only 5 pieces…Yes they made it....


Both cylinder rows are cast together as one piece and the relief and detail are very impressive.  Even very miniscule details, such as some of the fine wiring and bolts atop the cylinder heads, are all there in the casting.



The gearbox and aft engine accessories (e.g. oil filters and associated gear) are no less impressive and are detail-rich.



Other parts include resin parts that appear to capture the BMW 801’s complex network of exhaust pipes just perfect.




As for the  oil cooler radiator on the front,is also included in resin and it’s far greater in detail than the kit’s part.


Then we have the replacement parts for the engine covers that have to be cut of from the kit. These are really thin with beautiful inner structural details.


Next there are the parts for the fuselage guns. So the the two guns with their mounts comes in two perfectly casted parts.
Which are glued directly one the piece with the guns electrical equipments and the firewall. Two more parts are for the ammunition boxes and that competes the guns section.


Finally the two photo etched frets carries  metal parts with many small but important engine details (e.g., various braces and plates) and  the ignition rings and wires dominating  the set.


- Instruction Sheet -



This new BRASSIN set  is one of the most impressive I’ve ever had my hands on. This is really a state of the art in terms of engineering and detail. Eduard has managed to simplify a really complex compartment in the most clever and effective way. For sure at list one of your future Wurger has to include this kit. This resin set is excellent in every aspect and  it will rise  your model   in a brand new level . 
Very Highly recommended!!