Mig-15 bis

HpH models 1/32 Mig-15 bis




The MiG-15bis ("second"), entered service in early 1950 with a Klimov VK-1 engine, an improved version of the RD-45/Nene, plus minor improvements and upgrades. Visible differences were a headlight in the air intake separator and horizontal upper edge airbrakes. The 23 mm cannon were placed more closely together in their undercarriage. Some "bis" aircraft also adopted under-wing hardpoints for unguided rocket launchers or 50–250 kg (110–550 lb) bombs. Fighter-bomber modifications were dubbed "IB", "SD-21", and "SD-5". About 150 aircraft were upgraded to SD-21 specification during 1953–1954.



Having previously dealt with many resin kits, including HPH, I can safely say that this kit is the best I've ever met in this category ! 
It is the most clear casting , with perfect , clear , fine engraved lines , rivets , panels etc . It is the most modelers friedly engineered , with clever designed parts and building steps .


It is the (resin) kit with the most perfect fitting , whether we talk about the big parts like fuselage halves (the most straight and absolutely accurate fitting , even on every line from right to left halve) or the smaller ones like some small parts on cockpit and landing gear .It is one of the few kits without any – and I mean ANY- missing or semi casting part .


It is one of the few kits with perfect fitting on ALL the clear parts . Strangely, since this kit is a 2014 release, not a new one, while some newer ones have had their minor problems .As usual, HPH has predicted the relatively heavy weight of the finished kit and has incorporated metal reinforcements into the three landing legs .

So , what's included in the nice decorated , hard box ?
* Around 160 grey resin parts
* 9 clear and coloured resin parts
* 3 bare brass photo-etch sheets
* 1 plated and colour printed photo-etch sheet
* Series of turned brass parts and wire rod
* MiG-specific HGW seatbelts
* 1 comprehensive decal sheet
* Set of vinyl canopy masks
* CD with instructions in JPG and PDF format



The overall quality is beyond any expectation , similar and sometimes better than many styrene kits .
Engraved details are provides complete fine riveting , full access doors and all panel lines .
The lines are perfectly allingned between the two fuselage halves , making joining easy and minimal need of filling and sanding .
On the fuselage halves are some holes for adding tabs in one half and making joining straight and easy .
Cockpit is very detailed , with alot of photo etched parts and provides all the consoles , detailed seat , instrument panel , beautifull gunsight , realistic fabric belts , side well walls structure , rudder pedals , stick , seat ejection mechanism and structure etc .
Windshield is made from very clear resin , with framing on and the canopy is from the same material , plus some photo etched details like retracting levels .
Sliding rails are on the fuselage , very fine and clear , giving to the cockpit area a realistic "busy" look .
The characteristic air intake on the nose it is not just a hole , and the inner details are all presend , making the hole area  a little tricky to avoid as much as possible the use of filler during building .
Also the engine nozzle , even though it correctly copies the real one , it is not just a hole and the instructions gives a way to put it in a way that you can fill and sand before final gluing .
Nose gear wells are complete and deep enough , giving the right support for the reinforced gear , as well as their doors with structure details , retracting mechanism and support points .
On the two fuselage sides under the rudder , are the airbrakes , that comes totally in photo etched parts , 100% accurate in details and absolutelly realistic in deep .
On fuselage belly are also presend one round and one rectangle clear parts  which are below them are the analogues electronics .
Finally , on the nose are all the guns and flash clovers in turning brass and white metal under resin corresponding bumps , ammo ejection holes , gun access doors etc . Also , over the nose is the gun camera .
The tail have all the rudders as separately parts as well as the elevators too .
In a characteristic bump you may glue the tail navi light , in fine clear resin .
Wings are comes in two parts each , upper and lower , and relying on the fuselage with the help of a metal rod .
Into the wings are one reinforcement beam in each one and the main landing gear wells with all the structure beams , hydraulic lines etc .
Also provides the retractable landing light .
Flaps are coming as 100% pfoto etched , with ALL the inner structure and all the external riveting .
Directional surfaces are also separated and positionable , and the navigation light are in clear , coloured resin !
External stores are limited to two fuel tanks .Main landing gears , are very clean and detailed , reinforced with metal rod and  are enriched with alot of photo etched parts and fine casting covers .
The tyres are "weighted" , with codes and letters on and rim in two parts .
Some details , like antennas and shutters on the wings gives the final shape of the model .
At the very end , decals are for two aircrafts , one of the USSR and one for the Korean AF , both in metallic finish , with the Korean having a green mottling on .
The rich decals sheet provides all the stencil data and the main decals are right registered and coloured .




































- Instruction Sheet -


A complete multimedia kit , one of the most fine and detailed  even for styrene , pefectly casting and accurate in every detail , very clever engineered and modelers friendly , with very rich dowry  - photo etched , metal parts , painting masks , fabric seat belts and decals sheet -  
For 195.00€ (07 / 04 / 2018) it is just investing for your money .
Very recommended !
Thanks to HPH for the provided sample .

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