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The Focke Wulf Fw-190 is probably one of the most modeled aircraft in any scale, mainly because it was such an excellent design and was produced in very large numbers during World War II. Although sources vary as to the number produced, slightly fewer that 1,000 of the A-4 type appear to have been manufactured during 1942 to replace the A-3, and subsequently being supplanted by the improved Fw-190A-5. Constantly upgraded during the war, the type held on until the final days, both as a fighter and as a ground support and reconnaissance aircraft. Most serious modelers are familiar with the type and its history, so I'll refer you to other sources. There is certainly no lack of information on this aircraft, both in publication form and on the internet.



Almost  ten years ago Eduard released their first  “Wurger”. It was the Fw 190A-8 Variant in the 1/48 scale. This release was followed by the A-5 and A-6,A-7 and A-9

variants along with some special ones like the night fighetrs and the  A8/R8 “Sturmboks”. These kits were a success as they were offering nice surface and structural

details (full engine and gun compartments!) and the shape was overall good .Yes there were some construction difficulties  mostly around the engine area and the fitting of

the wing spar ,also  a  controversy about the thickness of the vertical fin but this didn’t stop this kit from being a success.


Still Eduard  showing a commitment in establishing higher levels in plastic model industry took into consideration all the flaws of their initial “wurger” family and combined with their new design and molding techniques, they  started a brand new one with the recent release of their Fw 190A-4 in the 1/48 scale. This kit shares the approach in terms of surface detail and engineering similar to the spitfire family and the revisited Bf 109F/G series. So let’s take a closer look..
The kit comprises  187 parts in grey and clear  plastic, with 80 of them  marked as "not for use", bringing the total actually used to 107. Taking a closer look now to the parts not for use it’s clear that Eduard is going to release also variants of this plane like the A-5, A-6 ,A-8 and the Nighter fighter..It’s also announced for the moment as part of their upcoming FW 190A ROYAL CLASS edition the release of the earlier A-2 & A-3.!





So in between these parts we have three different types of gun cowls and gun troughs . Early and late style: control surfaces ,landing gear with covers and wheels ,propellers, wheel bays, cockpit tabs and  canopies . In the photos below we see a part of these alternate parts for the variants to come.



From a first look we can see the same level of surface detail as with the spitfire and Bf 109G series. Very crisp and fine panel lines along with subtle rivet lines .Both are covering the pattern applied  on the full sized aircraft. Also fabric covered control surfaces  with  strip detail  are beautifully presented. In the cockpit area the level of detail is also very nice with a combination of crisply molded  plastic parts and P.E enhancements ,like the multi-layered instrument panel, levers, fuse boxes and seat harness where they raised even more the realism ,with the addition of half tones and shadows.


The fuselage is mouled in two full-length halfs which also  include moulded the tail fin and the engine cowls (side and lower) with only the pressed gun troughs in a separate part.


The wings are molded in three pieces , one for the lower part and two more for the upper .


Inspecting these major parts of the kit (fuselage and wings) are made clear the most prominent changes in this New Fw 190A  family. First of all we have full rows of rivet lines .


Then the fuselage halves  comes in one piece with the engine cowls molded in place as there is no more engine within the kit. Only a frontal engine insert is given which is barely visibly behind the engine cooling fan.. This makes things easier for the modeler as he does not have necessarily to built the whole engine just to fit the cowls! That was one of the backdrops of the former wurger kits..Another change here are the locking pins and the corrected and thinner vertical fin .
Also with molded  gun cowls are the wings ,were now you don’t have to cut and trim the wings to fit the covers  in case you choose not  to display the guns. So in case someone wants to display the engine or the guns  it has to buy them as separate  kits from Eduard’s BRASSIN range and remove the proper parts, of the plastic kit.
In general the kit  breakdown is similar to their new  Fw 190A  in the 1/72 scale we saw a few months back.


The kit finally offers two decal sheets printed by Eduard .One for the general aircraft stencils and the other one for the national markings ,numbers and emblems.The print looks exellent with clear edges and correct color redering.



Eduard has choosen the following five marking otipions for this release


W. Nr. 746, flown by Oblt. S. Schnell, CO of 9./JG 2, Vannes-Meucon, France, January 1943


W. Nr. 760, flown by Fw. R. Eisele, 8./JG 2, Brest-Guipavas, France, January 1943


Flown by Oblt. W. Nowotny, CO of 1./JG 54, Staraya Russa, Soviet Union, March 1943


W. Nr. 749, flown by Oblt. E. Rudorffer, CO of 6./JG 2, Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia, December 1942


Flown by Maj. J. Trautloft, CO of JG 54, Soviet Union, early 1943

- Instruction Sheet -



Even though there was already for several years now in the market their successfully Wurger series in the 1/48 scale, Eduard decided to design from scratch a new one, starting with the Fw 190A-4 variant. A brand new tool that shares nothing with the previews  one. It’s accurate with excellent surface details easy to built, accompanied by p.e parts ,painting masks for the canopy and wheels and five interesting marking options. 
This is the begging of another winning kit series!! ..
Very highly recommended

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