P-51D cockpit

Eduard 1/48 P-51D cockpit for Airfix kit




The P-51D is, undoubtedly, the shining star of the USAF branch. With its sleek laminar-flow wing, classic American M2 Brownings, high-visibility cockpit, and immensely powerful engine, the P-51 is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. It is endowed with very good high-altitude traits, endurance, and speed. Use it accordingly.
As standard with the USAAF, the Mustang has six M2 Browning in the wing. It can load bombs and rockets like most other planes in the USAAF. The armament, though effective, still requires patience to master. The M2s have a great range, but the damage decreases substantially as your proximity from your opponent increases. It is best to shoot for the engines and wings of any plane, because fuselage shots will waste your ammunition.
The armament is pretty versatile: The 12.7mm M2 machine guns can easily destroy most soft targets: Light tanks, AAA, SPAA, soft ground units, artillery, etc. Against bombers and heavy fighters the incendiary rounds will effectively set them alight.
The ground attack capability of the Mustang is notable, as it can carry 2 heavy 1000 lb. bombs, as well as 6 rockets. Thus, the Mustang is also an effective attacker/ground attack aircraft.



This Eduard Brassin release including a complete new cockpit who fit at the new Airfix P-51D Mustang, with excellent detail and casting quality.


The set consists of 22 parts in 14 blocks, in perfect molding in two shades of grey cast resin without any indication of bad casting (bubbles, material loss), one photo-etched fret with 24 parts with some of them pre-painted, a small clear acetate sheet, a decal sheet and the six-page instructions with Gunze Sangyo colour codes.


The cockpit floorboard provided in one piece together with the firewall with crisply relief details, but the floor does not represent any plywood, so if you want more reliability and you know the technique, you can recreate the wood with oil paint colours.


Four views of the armor plate and headrest behind the seat.


The pilot’s seat with the adjustable suspension system and the molded backpad.


Excellent casting in the instrument panel, side walls and the electronics support base.


This four resin blocks contains the control stick, rudder pedals, instrument panel shroud, and the gunsight.


In the three resin blocks include the radio transmitter/receiver, battery, curved interior bracing behind the pilot's seat, right and left switch panels and two versions of lower part of the instrument panel.


If you do not want to use the resin instrument panel, the set gives you the choice with the pre-painted photo-ethed fret which it contains, two-part overlays for the instrument panel, seatbelts, gunsight supports, and few more small detail parts.


The small decal sheet provide, bezels for the resin instrument panel, stencils and placards for the all cockpit area.
Also included a small acetate sheet for the gunsight reflector.


- Instruction Sheet -


With just a little effort,this set adds a true realistic look to a model.
Strongly recommend this set to all modelers interested in a subject!!!

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