P-51D gunsight

Eduard 1/48 P-51D gunsight for Airfix kit




The P-51D is, undoubtedly, the shining star of the USAF branch. With its sleek laminar-flow wing, classic American M2 Brownings, high-visibility cockpit, and immensely powerful engine, the P-51 is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. It is endowed with very good high-altitude traits, endurance, and speed. Use it accordingly.
As standard with the USAAF, the Mustang has six M2 Browning in the wing. It can load bombs and rockets like most other planes in the USAAF. The armament, though effective, still requires patience to master. The M2s have a great range, but the damage decreases substantially as your proximity from your opponent increases. It is best to shoot for the engines and wings of any plane, because fuselage shots will waste your ammunition.
The armament is pretty versatile: The 12.7mm M2 machine guns can easily destroy most soft targets: Light tanks, AAA, SPAA, soft ground units, artillery, etc. Against bombers and heavy fighters the incendiary rounds will effectively set them alight.
The ground attack capability of the Mustang is notable, as it can carry 2 heavy 1000 lb. bombs, as well as 6 rockets. Thus, the Mustang is also an effective attacker/ground attack aircraft.



A small but detailed set released for the Airfix P-51D from Eduard and concerns the K-14B gyro-computing gunsight.


The set contains three parts in gray resin, three photo-ethed parts, a small acetate sheet and decal stencils.


Τhe main part of the gunsight has excellent casting details on all sides, three parts are provided two of them are spare.


In the small photo-etched fred included parts for the reflector suport base, the acetate sheet contains the glass of the gunsight reflector, the decals concerns the gunsight stencils.



- Instruction Sheet -


Another highly detailed part to replacement for the kit part.
Recommended !