USS Ward DD-139

FLYHAWK 1/700 Wickes Class Destroyer USS Ward DD-139 1941




USS Ward (DD-139) was a 1,247 long tons (1,267 t) Wickes-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War I, later APD-16 in World War II. She fired the first American shot in World War II, when she engaged the Japanese during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and successfully sank her opponent.
On December 7th, 1944, three years to the day after Pearl Harbor, she was struck by a kamikaze off of the Philippines. Unable to control her fires, she was abandoned and scuttled by gunfire from the destroyer USS O’Brien DD-725.



This is the second version of FLYHAWK 1/700 USS WARD with bonus parts you will shall see below in the presentation.
The kit contains over 300 parts from, plastic, resin, brass and photo etched.


The kit offers the choice to build the ship with full hull or waterline with separate lower hull and waterline plate.


The only large sprue contains the main deck in one piece with realistic curvature and molded mooring bits, also includes four triple torpedo tubes, four 4" 50 cal guns, boats and davits, the roof of bridge, the depth charges rails, four funnel caps and the two masts. Some of this parts will are replaced by the bonus parts.


This small sprue contains the life rafts, the two propellers, the two axes and the rudder.


This separate sprues contains the funnels with open ends, the stern deckhouse structure and the two boat racks.


This unique plastic part is for the forward bridge structure with nice relief detail.


The resin parts include the four triple torpedo tubes and the forward gun shield in very nice crisp molded details.


I did not dare to open the three bags with brass parts, because I was afraid that it would lose, is so small that only with a magnifying glass you can see, but let's see what it containing.
Four gun barrels to replace the main armament, individual mooring bitts and the depth charges.


The three photo etched frets include 192 parts for railings, boat davits, depth charges rails, funnel caps, inclined ladders, bridge windows frame, middle of the ship searchlight scaffold, portholes, life rings, propeller shaft shields, cable reels, searchlight platform for the main mast, boats oars, anchors and anchor chains, mooring bits plates, roof for the stern deckhouse structure, watertight doors with option open or closed and the name plate stand for full hull display.


The small decal sheet contains the flags and the ship's call number.


The two sides full color instructions it is understood apart from a point where no mention of the position for cable reels. The painting guides offer one view, the USS WARD on December 7th 1941 on Measure 11 Variant. Paint names are with Mr Hobby and Tamiya codes, but my opinion is that, the correct paint colors is the White Ensign Models.

- Instruction Sheet -

I am very impressed for the many offered in this small scale, deserve many congratulations to Flyhawk for this effort and a special thanks to providing us this sample.
I highly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to build a replica of the USS WARD in 1/700 scale.

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