P-47D-25 upgrade set

Eduard 1/48 P.E. P-47D-25 upgrade set for Eduard kit




Ordinarily, the USAAF would have given such a radical modification a completely new variant letter.The USAAF chose instead to designate it simply by giving it a new production block number in the D-series. The first batches to feature this new bubble canopy were Farmingdale's P-47D-25-RE and Evansville's P-47D-26-RA. These batches also had the R-2800-59 or -63 engines, the paddle-bladed propeller, and the "universal" wing first introduced on the "razorback" P-47D-20-RE. Stronger belly shackles capable of carrying a 91.6 Imp. gall. drop tank were fitted. This tank, together with the 170.6 Imp. gall. main fuselage tank, an 83-gallon auxiliary fuel tank and two 125-gallon underwing tanks, made it possible to carry a total fuel load of 595 gallons, providing a maximum range of 1800 miles at 10,000 feet.



The kit of Eduard P-47D "Jugs over Germany"  provides enough improve parts but in some areas is not enough, so it comes this upgrade set order to complement these areas.


In the single unpainted photo etched fret, contains 103 parts for main wheel bay interior, dress the inside of the doors of the main landing gear, replacement the tail wheel doors, hydraulic lines, intercooler exhausts doors, oil cooler variable shutter doors, engine piston heads links, fins and fuses for 1000lb bombs, struts for the triple tube 'Bazooka' type 3in-rocket launchers, hoses for 108 gal tanks, fuel filler caps for 150 gal tanks.


- Instruction Sheet -


Nice touch this upgrade set is designed to complement and improve very important sections of the Eduard kit.

Link for Eduard 1/48 P-47D-25 upgrade set
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