P-47D "Jugs over Germany"

1/48 P-47D "Jugs over Germany"




The P-47 was designed with the typical streamlined cockpit of the day before rearward visibility in aerial combat became a requirement. Later P-47s were redesigned with the rear upper deck cut down to facilitate a bubble canopy atop the fuselage which provided excellent all-round visibility. This new design was introduced part-way through P-47D production, which for whatever reason didn't warrant a new model designation. P-47s were among the first fighters to accompany the USAAF over to Europe as the United States entered the war. While many fighter wings were quick to transition to the P-51 Mustang as soon as it was available, the 56th Fighter Group was one of the only organizations to refuse the Mustang and see the war through in their beloved Thunderbolts.



Eduard are releasing a special limited edition P-47D kit in 1/48th scale. Many parts of the kit are improved by Eduard’s accessories and with the choice of five different markings this looks promising.

Inside the great box with the nice art-design the kit comes unchanged from the Academy with clean molding and engraved panel lines and consists of 5 injection molded frame in gray plastic with a total of 139 parts, 1 small injection molded frame with 11 clear parts.
The Eduard supplements include 32 resin parts, 2 photo etch frets with 67 parts (one of them is prepainted), 1 sheet of paint masks, 1 very cleanly printed decal sheet, with all the wonderful nosearts,1 small sheet of stencil decals and an sixteen pages colored instructions.

But let's see a deeper look at the contents of the kit.


" The Plastics "

The first sprue contains the fuselage with very good engraving and precision detail, four bladed propeller, gun access panels, senterline 200 gal-tank, undercarriage doors and the six-spoke P-47D wheels in two halves.


The second sprue contains the wings in four parts, 2 half of upper with option to open gun bays and 2 for lower wing, with excellent surface details.


The third sprue contains parts for the cockpit, instrument panel, side consoles, floor, seat, stick and armor back, also include, engine, cowling, aft control surfaces, wing pylons, gear legs, tailwheel bay and the eight browning guns.


This double sprue contains the eight spoke P-47N wheels (not use) the triple tube 'Bazooka' type 3in-rocket launchers, 1000lb bombs, 500lb bombs,HVAR rockets, and 150 gal, 108 gal, 75 gal drop tanks.


" The Brassins"

The high quality additional extras from the "Brassin" series are stunning nice with clear and crisp details.
Starting from the cockpit we find the cockpit floor, pilots seat, new cockpit sidewalls, rudder pedal, front bulkhead, seat armour at the rear, instrument panel back-plate, control stick, oxygen hose and the gunsight from clear resin.
Also includes nicely designed wheels with Goodyear's logo is also present on each tire with hexagonal tire tread and that includes the internal structure from the disc and a brake wheel, six-spoke hubs, two set of propeler blades, Hamilton Standard and Curtiss Electric, prop spiner hub and resin jig to help placed the blades in correct angle.


" The Clears "

The clear sprue is clean with no marks and scratches and includes separate front windscreen, rear bubble canopy, wing tips navigation lights, the retractable landing/taxi light and the three identification position lights were located under of the right wing.


" The photo etchd "

The first fret is pre-painted and including two-part overlays for the instrument panel, placards, throttle quadrant, tail wheel hub, oil cooler intakes filter grids, electrical panels for side walls, seatbelts, levers and switches.


The second unpainted fret contains, oleo scissor link, canopy slide rails, supercharger turbine metal plate, ignition harness for the engine, and for 500lb bombs, fins, nose and tail fuses.


" The masks"

Die-cut masks is supplied for painting the canopy, main wheel tyres, tail wheel hub, gunsight glass, retractable landing/taxi light and the three identification position lights were located under of the right wing.



The perfectly decals are printed by Cartograf with good colour density and provides 5 marking options with amazing nose-arts feature on these European Theatre Operations (ETO) USAAF serving in Europe during 1944/1945.


The small decal sheets printed by Eduard and contains all the necessary service markings and stencils.


The painting guides offer five-views. Paint names are generic with Gunze Aqueous and Mr Color codes. These also are used throughout the assembly instructions for detail painting colour.

P-47D-28-RA, flown by Lt. Talmadge Ambrose
410th FS, 373rd FG, Venlo airfield, the Netherlands, March 1945

P-47D-25-RE, flown by Capt. Fred J. Christensen, 62th FS, 56th FG, Boxted AB, summer, 1944
P-47D-26-RA, flown by Maj. Donavon Smith, the CO of 61st FS, 56th FG, Boxted AB, early 1945

P-47D-28-RA, flown by Capt. Robert Blackburn, 509th FS, 405th FG, Saint-Dizier airfield, France, 1944

P-47D-28-RA, flown by Lt. Harold Cox, 512rd FS, 406th FG, Y-29 – Asch airfield, Belgium, February – April, 1945
- Instruction Sheet -

This is a very nice release from Eduard, the level of detail is superb the great decal selection, coupled with the quality supplements extras is a good value package.
But if you want adding even more detail, there is a special upgrade set.

P-47D-25 upgrade set

Highly Recommended.

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