Nieuport 17

1/48 Nieuport 17 "Weekend Edition"




The Nieuport 17 was a slightly larger development of the earlier Nieuport 11, and had a more powerful engine, larger wings, and a more refined structure in general. At first, it was equipped with a 110 hp (82 kW) Le Rhône 9J engine, though later versions were upgraded to a 130 hp (97 kW) engine. It had outstanding maneuverability, and an excellent rate of climb. Unfortunately, the narrow lower wing, marking it as a "sesquiplane" design with literally "one-and-a-half wings", was weak due to its single spar construction, and had a disconcerting tendency to disintegrate in sustained dives at high speed. Initially, the Nieuport 17 retained the above wing mounted Lewis gun of the "11", but in French service this was soon replaced by a synchronised Vickers gun. In the Royal Flying Corps, the wing mounted Lewis was usually retained, by now on the improved Foster mounting, a curved metal rail which allowed the pilot to bring the gun down in order to change drums or clear jams. A few individual aircraft were fitted with both guns - but in practice this reduced performance unacceptably, and a single machine gun remained standard.



This Eduard release of “Weekend Edition” provides the famous fighter of WWI Nieuporti-17.
The kit contains two sprue trees in dark grey plastic with 63 parts one clear piece for the windscreen and a small sheet of decal with one marking option.

In the first tree we have the single upper and lower wings, horizontal tail plane, rudder, two different engine cowlings (the part 10 is used in this version), the engine, rear skid, the wheels, the Lewis machine gun (not used in this version), the double leaf propeller and the wings struts.


The second tree contains the upper wing with the transparent centre panel (not used in this version), the two fuselage halves, the Vickers machine gun, the cockpit floor, the undercarriage support struts and the pilot seat.


The small single clear part for the windscreen is clean with no marks and scratches.


The perfectly decals are printed by Eduard and provides 1 marking option .


The painting guides offer one view. Paint names are generic with Gunze Aqueous and Mr Color codes. These also are used throughout the assembly instructions for detail painting colour.

Ni-17, N3139, ten. Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, 91a Squadriglia, Italian Front, Spring 1917

- Instruction Sheet -

Excellent work in this Weekend Edition kit from Eduard  the level of detail is enough and allowing to the modeller to generate a qualitative result directly from the box.
Highly Recommended.

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