Browning M2 machine guns

Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 Browning M-2 guns (6pcs)




The M2 machine gun was heavily used as a remote fired fixed weapon, primarily in aircraft, but also in other applications. For this a variant of the M2 was developed (sometimes seen under the designation AN/M2, but it is important to note that there were .30 and .50 caliber weapons with this designation), with the ability to fire from a solenoid trigger. For aircraft mounting some were also fitted with substantially lighter barrels, permitted by the cooling effect of air in the slip-stream. The official designation for this weapon was Browning Machine Gun, Aircraft, Cal. .50, M2 followed by either "Fixed" or Flexible" depending on whether the weapon was used as a fixed forward firing gun or for use by an airplane's crew, such as a waist gun position on a B-17



This set of Eduard BRASSIN contains six Browning M2 guns with their coils in excellent cast resin.


The set consists of 12 different color resin parts of excellent molding without any indication of bad casting (bubbles, material loss).


The guns are cast in dark grey resin with superb detail for body and barrel.


The coils cast in pairs in light grey resin for each gun and despite their small size is not lacking in details.


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Very nice addition for models with open gun bays USAF and USN WWII aircraft.
Highly recommended!!!

Link for Eduard 1/48 Browning M-2 guns
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