HVAR rockets

Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 HVAR rockets




The High Velocity Aircraft Rocket, or HVAR, also known by the nickname Holy Moses, was an American unguided rocket developed during World War II to attack targets on the ground from aircraft. It saw extensive use both during World War II and during the Korean War. The HVAR was 5 inches (130 mm) in diameter, and carried a 45lb (20kg) high-explosive warhead. Two different versions of the HVAR were built during World War II. One was a general-purpose missile with base and nose fuses, and the other had a semi-armour-piercing warhead with a nose fuse. After World War II, newer versions included a new general purpose type with a proximity fuse and a shaped charge warhead for use against tanks. The HVAR was normally used to attack tanks, trains and bunkers. More than one million HVARs were built before production ended in 1955.



Another weapons set gives us the Eduard from Brassin series.
This time the contents concerns the High Velocity Aircraft Rocket (HVAR) that used by US and allied fighters during World War II and Korea War.


The set includes 16 parts, cast in excellent grey resin with eight rocket bodies and eight tail fins.
Contains also a small unpainted photo-etched fret with 36 pieces for the exhaust nozzles, ignition wires and mounting bands for each rocket.


The main rocket bodies are provided in two blocks (contains four each one) without flash or casting imperfections.


The eight tail fins cast in separate blocks containing the fins and the rocket nozzle with very good sculptured details, the thickness of the fins however it seems to me a bit thick.


The photo etched fret includes the ignition wires and in my opinion they want replace with thin copper wire because shows flat, also gives the rocket exhausts and fixing brackets, will need attention here, because the instructions are vague about the distance between the mounting band, because they were different in every aircraft that installs.


- Instruction Sheet -


This set is a very good detailed of under wing armament  fighter and light bombers models for WWII or Korean war.
Highly recommended!